In this section

  • Installation
    Learn how to install Hugo extended shortcodes module.
  • Code
    List of code related shortcodes, such as online code editors.
    • EmGitHub
      Shortcode to embed GitHub source file into Markdown content.
    • JSRun
      Add support for JSRun, a online code editor for testing your code, such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Go, PHP and so on.
    • CodePen
      Add support for CodePen, a online code editor for testing your JavaScript, CSS, HTML.
    • JSFiddle
      Add support for JSFiddle, a online code editor for testing your JavaScript, CSS, HTML.
  • Helpers
    • Page Resource Content
      Shortcode to render page resource content, it's useful to reuse content blocks, especially for writting mutilingual documentation.
    • Params
      Describe the parameter definitions of functions and API, which is useful for writing documentation.
    • Environment Variables
      Shortcode to read environment variables.
    • File Content
      Shortcode to read content from page resources, site resources or project files, it's useful to reuse the content, such as the code snippets.
  • HTML
    • Abbreviations
      To create abbreviations with titles.
    • Details
      Shortcode to generate HTML details tag, which is used to specify additional details that the user can open and close on demand.
    • Generic HTML Shortcodes
      List of generic HTML shortcodes to write HTML in Markdown content.
  • Hugo
    • Shortcode Params
      Describe the parameter definitions of the Hugo shortcode, which is useful for writing shortcode's documentation.
    • Shortcode Example
      When writing shortcode's documentation, we usually provide examples and their source code so that users can preview the results, read and copy the code, whereas this would require you to repeat a similar code twice. With this shortcode, you can type in the source code once to achieve this.
  • Media Players
    • YouKu
      Shortcode to embed YouKu videos into Markdown content.
    • Asciinema
      Asciinema is a CLI tool records and share terminal sessions, you can embed asciinema videos into Markdown content with this shortcode.
    • Bilibili
      Shortcode to embed the Bilibili video into Markdown content.
    • NetEase Cloud Music
      Shortcode to embed NetEase cloud music player into Markdown content, which support playlist, album and single song.